Security test

Security Testing reveals your vulnerabilities and alerts you to the weaknesses in your network. Network security management team needs to know what they’re protecting and what they’re protecting it from to make good risk management decisions and technology investments. Security testing helps businesses identify their network assets, learn how those assets are vulnerable to attack, and understand what could happen if those assets were compromised.

 Kofitech partners with best in class solutions, focused on managed security testing for all of our clients’ managed vulnerability assessment, database security testing, network penetration testing, and application penetration testing needs.

Penetration test evaluates an application's or network's ability to withstand attack. During a penetration test, you authorize an expert armed with the same techniques as today's cyber-criminals to hack into your network or application. The goal is to identify and understand the vulnerabilities you didn't know existed and the effects of exploitation.

Vulnerability scanning evaluates a system for potential vulnerabilities or weak configurations, is largely automated and can only ever find a subset of security issues. Penetration testing, on the other hand, is a manual process performed by a human. A penetration tester will use tools as a part of their work, but they apply their human ingenuity to exploit vulnerabilities and illustrate what an attacker might be capable of when targeting a particular system.


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Network Visibility Solutions and Penetration Testing  

Our solutions help clients to see the users, hosts, applications, files, mobile devices, virtual environments, threats, and vulnerabilities that exist in their constantly changing network.